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9th Circuit Immigration Appeals Attorneys

9th Circuit Immigration Appeals Attorneys

San Francisco · San Jose · Redwood City · Sacramento · Palo Alto · Oakland

If you have been issued a removal order or denial of your immigration application recently, our lawyers can help you defend it. We have over two decades of immigration law experience helping immigrants stay legally in the United States. Our immigration attorneys have intimate knowledge of the circuit appeals process and have successfully defended hundreds of clients in immigration courts around the nation.

We work with clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland, and Sacramento; as well as throughout California and across the nation. We help individuals who have had their immigration requests denied appeal the ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA).

Immigration Appeals Have Time Sensitive Deadlines 

Immediately after you have been informed that your immigration application has been denied, you should consult our experienced immigration attorneys to understand your rights and the process you should take to appeal your case. In is important to understand that many types of appeals must be filed within a short period of time or you lose your right to appeal.


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