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I-601 Waivers

I-601 Waivers - Extreme Hardship Waivers & Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility Lawyers

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An I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility, is filed to permit an alien who has been denied admission to the United States to legally stay in the United States with a permanent resident or fiancé(e) under special circumstances. This waiver is determiend by examining the extreme hardship to the current United States citizen or relatives with permanent resident status of the alien waiting removal from the United States.

We have successfully obtained approvals in many immigration cases which were previously denied or have been dismissed previously by other immigration lawyers. We often handle the toughest I-601 Waiver cases and we thrive on it.

With I-601 Waiver cases, the challenge and effort is centered on identifying the variety of circumstances that fall under the "extreme hardship” definition categorized by the immigration court. The purpose of the I-601 waiver application is to prove that the degree of hardship suffered by the alien's qualifying relative(s) is extreme, and that this situation cannot be remedied by a moving outside the United States to be closer to the deported alien.

When you work with our immigration lawyers, you are working with a legal team who is focused 100% on you throughout the whole waiver case to help you argue your hardship. We will aggressively review and tackle every document and represent your immigration case to the best of our abilities.


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