Asylum is a form of protection granted to individuals in the United States who have been persecuted or fear they will be persecuted in the future on account of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. Individuals who meet this definition, who are already in the United States or who are seeking entry into the United States at a port of entry, may qualify for a grant of asylum and be permitted to remain in the United States. Individuals who are granted asylum are eligible to apply to adjust their status to that of a lawful permanent resident after one year of grant.

 The asylum process is a delicate legal task that has several steps. Attorney Ballout has 30 years of experience as an immigration attorney which allows him to help you navigate through the asylum process. Mr. Ballout will establish eligibility, complete a thorough application with supporting documents, prepare you for an interview with an immigration official, and assist you in any additional steps in order to achieve the best results.

 At Ballout Law, APC, we understand the challenge, importance, and complexity of each immigration matter and our staff is committed to helping you every step of the way, from beginning to end. To set up a consultation to speak directly with Attorney Ballout, call us today or send us a message below

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