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Representation in Immigration Courts, Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) & 9th Circuit

Attorney Haitham Ballout has a wealth of experience in developing successful strategies to keep you and your loved ones in the USA.

Immigration court proceedings can be extremely stressful, as losing can result in deportation. To win in immigration courts, better preparation and open communication with your attorney are crucial. It is essential that you and your attorney meet several months before your final hearing to devise a plan to gather evidence, prepare witnesses, and in some cases, retain expert witnesses. If you feel unprepared or your attorney is unresponsive, seek a second opinion immediately and well in advance of the final hearing. Your future in the U.S. hinges on competent representation and early preparation.

We are often asked to review cases that were previously lost in court. We frequently find that critical opportunities were missed and certain applications were not filed. To address these issues, we file a motion to reopen (MTR) based on ineffective assistance of counsel (IAC) to correct errors made earlier in the process. It is never too late to file such motions if you act diligently and within a reasonable time after discovering the IAC. At Ballout Law, we have won many cases that were previously lost by former attorneys by filing motions to reopen before the Board of Immigration Appeals, Immigration Courts, and even the 9th Circuit.

In 2022 alone, Attorney Ballout won two 9th Circuit court cases where ineffective assistance by former attorneys was found after more than 15 years since the immigration judge’s final order of deportation. We understand that this can be a frightening experience with devastating consequences. However, the Ballout Law team will use all available legal means to provide you with relief from removal and a chance to continue living the American dream. You deserve a full opportunity to represent your immigration case under the guidance of a competent lawyer, and the law allows for it.